It is a period of many unknowns. Following the collapse of the Idaxian Empire and the Elder Sacellum Church, nations vie for power, The Reformed Saceullum rises from the ashes, and uncertainty hangs in the air.

In the echoes of the collapse, demonic followings and shadow organizations seek out wayward powers and artifacts looking to take advantage of the power vacuum.

Races for territory control continue across the continent of Aqin while foreign powers await for unseen opportunities....

Illorim is a handcrafted world that I have, to some respect, been working on since my first attempt at a constructed language under the encouragement of my grandfather when I was 5 years old.

A concentrated effort to forge Illorim's maps, history, and people started in 2016 when I was asked to create a D&D homebrew campaign.

I have a collection of published short stories and flash fiction available below, and I am working on completing an atlas of the world presently which I hope to publish soon along with two novels that will explore the continent of Aqin.

Published Work

I am working on finding an alternative from Vocal, at that point I will remove my stories from that website.