Developer Portfolio

You can download a PDF copy of my resume here.

Select Projects

dNFT Character Builder Chainlink's Spring 2022 Hackathon

This application allows users to mint and customize dynamic NFTs on the Polygon Network, update their metadata via smart contracts, and generate randomized characters using Chainlink's VRV.

Community Funding with ERC1155 for Polygon BUIDL IT 2022

This project offers an affordable crowdfunding tool where founders can mint and manage campaigns, supporters can buy tiered ERC1155 tokens that update with new rewards, and tokens can be resold on other platforms.

Decentralized Job Board MVP for ETHOnline 2022

This web3 job board provides a private, secure space for token-gated job postings, active moderation, and easy resume-based applications submission.

The Graph

This project builds on the previous projects to create a full dApp with querrying and indexing from The Graph.

IPFS Practical

This project creates an NFT collection using Pinata on the Mumbai network and allows a user to mint a part of the collection.

DeFi Exchange

This project creates an DeFi Exchange by building on an ICO app I previously built

DAO and NFT Collection

This project creates an NFT Collection with a website for presales and minting on the Rinkeby network with hardhat and ethers.js.